Final Day Of HSI Reflection

My experience from HSI overall has been pretty darn good. I’ve had a lot of fun here.

The class I’m sitting in now, Multimedia and Media Literacy, was a pretty fun class. I can say that I learned quite a bit. Some of the things that I will definitely remember are the field trips and the creative devices that we’ve used for picture taking. We went to Vedauwoo, The WTE in Cheyenne, and the Snowy Range Mountains.

I had the most fun when we went to Vedauwoo. Climbing the rocks to get up higher and higher and getting to the top was thrilling. I got some fantastic pictures when we went. I loved it so much there, I ended up going out to Vedauwoo like four times during HSI. I would’ve gone more, but I sprained my wrist at the Rollerskating place. That’s a whole other story though.

Snowy Range was quite different from Vedauwoo. There was several feet of snow, but it was pretty hot there. Being hot and cold at the same time was a strange sensation. We did more hiking there than we would at Vedauwoo, and the rocks were much, much smaller. There were also giant spider webs between every other rock and that was pretty terrifying. But it was so beautiful and was worth the pictures.

My math class in HSI was Number Theory. I, like most everyone else, had signed up for Robotics but didn’t get in it. But I’m pretty glad because Number Theory was a lot of fun. We spent a few days going over formulas and figuring things like greatest common divisor and messing with prime numbers. We were shown a lecture on Game Theory on YouTube from Yale University, which was pretty cool. We also went to the Geology Museum where they had an augmented reality sandbox, which I could’ve played with for hours. (Just google image search it, you’ll find it immediately.) We also went to “The Cave” where they had a 3D visualization room where you’d put on glasses and use a controller to control the objects in the games, and that was one of my favorite parts. And last, but definitely not least, we learned how to solve a Rubik’s Cube, mostly.

If you couldn’t tell from my second paragraph, my favorite memory from HSI is my experiences at Vedauwoo. We climbed the rocks as high as we could, and when we got back down we would eat s’mores at a fire and play card games. If you end up reading this blog on your first day and get this far, I would highly recommend going to Vedauwoo. It is definitely my favorite part of HSI.

If I’m being completely honest, HSI didn’t actually ‘change me as a person’.  But it did help me a little bit with my social skills. Back in Rock Springs, I just have a small group of friends that I always hang out with, and while that’s not a bad thing, I think HSI has helped me be less socially awkward.

While I already was thinking about it, Seminar in particular helped me realize how quickly my future is coming. We discussed college and careers a lot, but nothing too specific. Part of it helped me realize more than I already do that it is necessary to get good grades in high school and strive for scholarships.

If I could re-live this HSI experience, I would be more out-going from the start. I thought that I would be excluded or made fun of for expressing my interest in Anime, a Japanese-style cartoon. I didn’t find out until three days until the camp was over that a few other students had an interest similar to mine in those kind of things. That sucked.

What will I tell everyone back home about HSI? To be perfectly honest, probably everything that I put in this blog and then more specifics about the endless amount of activities I did here in my free time. The first week was pretty slow, but these last two weeks have gone by so fast that I couldn’t tell you specifically what I did and when I did it.

Anyways, my overall experience at HSI has been pretty great. If you actually read this when you’re at HSI, I hope that you have as much fun as I did.


HSI Photo Scavenger Hunt

This was a fun little trip we took around the UW Campus on the last day of class. We were given 10 things that we needed to come up with ideas of and take pictures of them. These are my results.

1] Something/Someone from HSI or the UW Campus that makes you smile or laugh.

Andrew and Eli


2] Something/Someone from HSI or the UW Campus that makes you annoyed.

They’re trying way too hard to get me to go to UW. I simply do not want to but they don’t take no for an answer.


3] Something/Someone from HSI or the UW Campus that makes you thankful and appreciative.

My fans. It was so hot.


4] Something/Someone from HSI or the UW Campus that makes you sad to leave HSI.

For this one, the PC’s took group pictures of us that I unfortunately don’t have right now. I will later though.

5] Something/Someone from HSI or the UW Campus that inspires or educates you.

We couldn’t go to the Business Building, but I would say that my answer for this one would be my Seminar teacher, Robert.

6] Something/Someone from HSI or the UW Campus that frightens you.

This one needs explaining. It is Harold The Elevator Ghost. On the basement, whenever I needed the elevator, it would already be open or would open before I pressed the button. It was spooky.


7] Something from HSI or the UW Campus that makes you love summer time.

Prexy’s Pasture


8] Something from HSI or the UW Campus that makes you wish it was winter.

The stupid activities we did on the Greens when it was 90+ Degrees outside.


9] Something/Someone from HSI or the UW Campus that you wish you could spend more time with.

Skogar (Andrew)


10] Something from HSI or the UW Campus that you are eager to forget about.

Those stupid name tags.




Four Dimensions of Media Effects

The Four Dimensions of Media Effects are Timing of Effects, Type of Effects, Valence of Effects, and Intent of Effects.

The Timing of Effects is when the effects happen following exposure to media. So if it happened during, immediately after, and how long it takes for the effects to show up.

The Type of Effects are: Cognitive- Information and ideas being ‘put out there’. Belief- The faith in what you believe. Attitudinal- Influence or persuade judgement. Emotional- Immediate or long term emotional reaction. Physiological- Unconscious control. Behavioral- Trigger immediate or long term behavior. Macro- Influence societal structure.

The Valence of Effects are positive of negative perspectives individually or societally based on values.

The Intent of Effects are whether or not the effects of the media were intended or not intended.

One recent example of how I was affected by media was Taco Bell. If the Cavaliers beat Golden State (which they did) then Taco Bell was going to be giving away free Tacos. Even though I don’t really follow basketball it made me kind of want the Cavaliers to win even though I really don’t like LeBron “Cry Baby” James. And since they won, I went to Taco Bell, and bought some other things on top of a free taco.

Another example is advertisements for video games. This happens a lot for me, but a game will be revealed and if it interests me, I keep up with it until its release and decide if I want the game or not. I usually watch the trailers and then watch videos and talk to other people about what they think of the game. And then I read and watch reviews and maybe watch some game play, and decide whether or not to buy the game.

I can’t really think of other specific examples, but whether I realize it or not, media can affect me.

Media Body Image

I am personally not affected by ideal body images for men because I honestly do not care about it.

I think that some of these ideal body images that are portrayed in magazines can be influential. I don’t think it is wrong to achieve some of these images, but the things you do to achieve them can be very wrong. Most of the time it depends, though, since some of the ideal body images for women can be very unhealthy and people shouldn’t strive for some of them.

I think that these media images can be problematic. Even though it can be a good thing and encourage people to strive for better health, but more often than not, these ideal body images will make people feel bad about their own body images.

If everyone was the same as the ideal body image perpetuated in the media, then it would no longer be the ‘ideal body image’. The way I see it, if everyone achieved the same body image, it would lose its meaning. I think that it would no longer be appealing for anyone.

I don’t think that there is an ‘ideal body image’. Everyone has their own unique body image. However, I think that representative and realistic body images can be good things by encouraging people who may not be comfortable with something, for example their weight, to strive to achieve better health. I know some people may think that that is a bad thing but I don’t see much harm in it. I understand that everyone is unique.

My close friends and I (as far as I know) have never been affected by these media images. We don’t seek it and don’t really care about what society says is the ideal body image.

This was a strange but interesting topic to discuss. I am not too learned or informed in this topic, so what I said in this blog is mostly just what I initially thought of all of it.

“And Tango Makes Three” and Book Banning

The book “And Tango Makes Three” is a book with a target audience of very young children and is one of the most challenged books. It is about a penguin couple that was made up of two male penguins, and how they adopted an egg and hatched a penguin child.

This book and many others have faced bans and challenges. The pro-censorship side of the argument for these books talks about the risks and issues of not banning these books. They want these books banned because of things such as how unsuitable it is, explicit content, and for “Tango Makes Three”, same gender marriage. The anti-censorship sides’ argument is that banning books takes away the freedom to read what you want and that people can be mature enough to not read something if they don’t like it.

I have a few experiences where I or someone I know has had issues with challenged books. Just last school year, in 10th grade, I was forced to read the book “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings” in my Sophomore Composition class. This book has been challenged ever since it was published in the 1960’s. I found most of the content disturbing and uncomfortable to read, and in that situation I wish that that book had been banned. Another experience I have is from this last school year when my younger brother, who is in 5th grade, was going to be forced to read another challenged book, “The Hunger Games”. I personally love that book and its sequels, but I believe that him and his age group is still too young to be reading books with that kind of content. Many parents complained and so his class did not read that book.

I have only read one book on the “Top Ten Most Frequently Challenged Books of 2015”, and it is the Bible. This is because I am Christian and read it for myself and for my Seminary Class which is off campus.

I can’t really say that I have a ‘general’ opinion about book banning. There are a lot of situations and circumstances that I feel differently about. I think that certain books should not allowed to be stocked or provided to schools depending on the age group of the students attending the certain schools. However, I do not think that books should be banned from being in the school or on campus. I think that certain books should be banned from being stocked for the sake of protecting integrity of character, but if you so please to read a book, you can find this book at places other than your school library.

I think that organizations, schools, and families can actually ‘ban books’. This is because when they ban a book, this book cannot be read in class and cannot be used as an assignment, which is necessary to protect children and integrity of character. But if someone wants to read this book, than they can do it on their own time.

The First Amendment relates to banning books because some people can say that if you ban a book that has a religious viewpoint or discusses religious topics, that you are restricting their religious freedom.

To conclude, I think that banning books is necessary to protect children and protect integrity of character.

Please do not attack me for my opinions; they are simply what I think. I am okay with comments sparking civilized conversations.

PBS “Generation Like” Video

The “Generation Like” video was very interesting and showed opinions and biases that were very different than those right now. What really stuck out to me was how uninformed and clueless the youth that were asked in this video were.

A large point of this video was to discuss integrating marketing and advertising into social media and ‘selling out’. The people in the video were completely clueless about the topic. Current generation youth have made this uninformed and unanimous decision that advertising and so-called ‘selling out’ is a terrible thing.

I personally believe that there is almost no problem with doing these things. I just think that the people who are doing these things need to be transparent that they are doing it and not try to hide it. Monetizing off of videos and using sponsorships and advertisements is necessary primarily so these people can earn enough money to pay for their basic needs. If they are on YouTube, for example, most people have other jobs alongside YouTube, but there are some that are doing YouTube full time and need this to support themselves.

Overall, while this video was a little informative, it didn’t teach much about social media literacy and the reasoning behind marketing/advertising and selling out, or why people would dislike this kind of thing so much. I guess this blog was kind of a rant, oops.